Garden Seeds Program

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Since 2009 Winona Grange has provided vegetable and herb seed packets to groups that promote gardening.  In 2020 we shipped 52 boxes that supplied 93 community gardens, ten Granges, six seed swaps, four schools, and eight other groups that taught gardening.  Many of these groups donated produce to their local food bank.

Our 12th Year is the Same — but Different!

New Supplier  Thanks to a generous donation from the employee-owned Bi-Mart Corporation, we have seed packets that Bi-Mart stores throughout the Northwest returned to the Bi-Mart warehouse.  These are packets are stamped “Sell by 12/20.”  Bi-Mart cannot sell them in 2021, nor can we, and nor can you.  They are Ferry-Morse brand.  All are non-GMO, with some heirlooms and organics.

Assortments are More Assorted  Bi-Mart gave us 100+ grocery bags filled with packets.  Our members and volunteers sorted them by veggie and variety.  When we packed the boxes, we made sure that each contains what most families plant for everyday consumption.  Then we topped off the box with “bonus” packets for those who might want to try something different.  We also topped off with packets of flower seeds.

Same Boxes 

  • A Single assortment is what fits into a USPS Regional Rate A box that measures 10” x 7” x 4-3/4” (inside dimensions). Single assortment boxes typically contain 200 seed packets.  The shipping charge is $8.75, the same as last year.
  • A Double assortment is what fits into a USPS Regional Rate B box that measures 12” x 10-1/4” x 5” (inside dimensions). A double contains the same basic assortment with more “bonus” packets.  The shipping charge is $10.95, the same as last year.

Shipping Earlier but Not Daily  We are trying to ship earlier for those who want to plant tomato, pepper, and other starts.  Since Winona Grange is an all volunteer organization, we may ship orders one day a week or when we have a bunch of orders rather than on the same day we receive your order.

We ship only to groups (not families or individuals) in the Pacific Northwest.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us:

To order and pay shipping via PayPal or credit card, click Buy Now.  Or send a check to Winona Grange, PO Box 3484, Tualatin, OR 97062.

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Single Assortments

Double Assortments