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Grange Images

Grange Images


Glimpses of the Grange through time

For your consideration, some images of Grange involvement in the fabric of American life.
The Grange has a long history; this page just tells some of it in pictures.
A few notes have been added for clarification.

 Grange Fair

The Grange was a strong, early influence in organizing
and encouraging County Fairs across America.

 1976 Commemorative stamp on First Day Cover

 1969 National Grange Cookbook, American Cooking

 1869 Poster showing the American Farmer tilling the soil, and others living off his labor.

 A 10k Gold Pin, given to Past Masters of local Granges; a tradition no longer common

Early Grange regalia included lapel pins for different occasions and offices, such as this 10k. gold pin
given to, in this case, Past Grange Masters.

 The Granger Hat, all wool, from an 1800's catalog

 The Seven Founders of the National Grange

 1951 Crawfish Festival Parade: Winona Grange's float

Winona Grange #271 members and their float
in the 1951 Crawfish Festival Parade

 An Historical Poster Trade Card, printed in 1979, from an 1873 Grange Poster
A collectible Poster Trade Card, 4-3/4" x 6-1/4",
based on an 1873 Granger Poster.
The back has extensive explanatory text.

 Early Twentieth Century Granger Pin and screwback

Early Twentieth Century Juvenile Grange Pin and screwback

Screwback lapel pins were used in the
first half of the twentieth century.

 A National Banknote issued by a Granger bank

A few local Granges organized their own National Banks. These notes are now very collectible.

 National Bank charter #8924, organized in 1907; this note is a Series of 1929 small size note.

Both banks represented by these notes were organized in 1907,
and both were still operating when National Banknotes were discontinued in 1935.

 A Series of 1907, large size Grange National Banknote.

Both Granger banks were organized during hard times.
The notes pictured above are from among the banknotes that were outstanding
at the end of the National Banknote era.

 A centennial National Grange First Day of Issue stamped envelope