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Winona Grange #271 Community Service Programs

Community Service Programs at Winona Grange

 The Mission of Winona Grange #271, chartered in Tualatin, Oregon in 1895, is to provide opportunities for involvement and leadership in community service, for individuals and families; to maintain our local advocacy for Agriculture; and to welcome the community into our Grange Hall for a wide variety of educational and social events, portraying our traditional American family values. Once upon a time, Winona Grange, along with every other Grange ever established, served a local, rural, agricultural community. Time has changed the landscape of America. Although many Granges still find themselves in rural settings, Winona Grange #271 is now in the heart of a larger metropolitan population center.

From the beginning, Granges played a pivotal role in securing essential supplies for the farmers, collective bargaining in their marketing efforts, legislation for education of their children, and a central location for social recreation, to name but a few. A longer list can be found on the Grange History page.

Winona Grange recognizes that some community challenges are still with us today. Hunger is still a significant challenge in Oregon. With all the shortfalls in education funding, we see that there are goals we can work toward in concert with our local schools. And, every new generation will need to include some farmers, for every new mouth needs to be fed.

To address these needs, Winona Grange #271 has ongoing programs in these areas:

Grange Gardens, to coordinate efforts to grow fresh vegetables and fruits for our local Food Bank, either by way of the Tualtin Farmers Market, or directly,

Garden Seeds Distribution, an anuual project funneling donated garden seeds to Granges and other Community Service Organizations all across Oregon,

Agricultural Scholarships, offered to Tigard-Tualatin and Sherwood High School Seniors each year.

More information on all of these programs will be found below.

Social recreation: The Grange Hall, with its hard maple dance floor, is still just as good to dance in, as it was back when it was first built in 1940. And, two local groups of Square Dancers still dance there, too. Our Hall schedule can be found on the The Hall page.


Gardens for the Food Bank


Grange Gardens

The Gardens for the Food Bank program coordinates community efforts to grow fresh vegetables and fruits as donations for the local Food Bank.

Vegetable Seeds for the Grange Gardens programIndividuals and groups may participate. You can grow an extra row, or a whole garden, on your own property. Or, if you don't have sufficient space where you are, a Winona Grange member has made space available for others to use at a nearby Tualatin Century Farm.

Space provided has been tilled, with organic mulch, and irrigation water is available on site. Bring your seeds, starts and plants, and grow along with the rest of us.

You may also donate unused, viable seeds, starts and plants for others to use, either at the Grange Garden, or in other locations. The Grange will see that whatever is donated, gets put to good use. All produce and proceeds go to the local Food Bank.

To get started, email us with your name and contact information, and we will direct you to the Grange Garden project. Or, let us know how you would like to participate.

While we're on the subject of Gardening, also see the Garden Seed Program page, for information about the distribution of donated garden seeds.

The Winona Grange Agricultural Scholarship


Seniors attending Tualatin High School, intending to enter a college degree program leading to a career in Agriculture are eligible to apply for an Agricultural Scholarship from Winona Grange #271. The award is offered annually, as our way of encouraging young people in career choices, especially in agriculture.

Acceptable courses of study include Farming, Forestry, Fisheries, Environmental Science, Landscaping/Nurseries/Horticulture, and Veterinary Medicine.

Applicants are expected to articulate both their plan for education and their plans for career path in their application.

Students in Tualatin High can obtain more information from their Guidance Counselors. The Application Form has all the necessary details and requirements.

2013 Winona Grange Ag Scholarship Winner

Danielle Lacy, from Tualatin High, is the 2013 winner of
the Winona Grange Ag Scholarship Award.