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Your Donations fuel far-reaching Winona Grange programs


It seems like everyone has their hand out for a donation these days, doesn't it?

The Non-Profit world runs on donations, donations of time, energy, money and materials.

Winona Grange is no different, and yet, it is ......different.

It is no different in that almost everything we have and work with is in some way a donation. Without donations of time and materials, Tualatin wouldn't have an Historic Grange Hall. Donations built it in 1940, donations have maintained it since then, and donations will both restore and improve it in the near future and beyond.

Annual donations of garden seeds by a major seed house are the foundation of our far-reaching garden seed distribution program. Funneling garden seeds through local Granges and others all across Oregon to local, home-town community and individual gardens, is one of our most successful programs. Local Granges distribute the seeds to a variety of end-users, and in doing so, many local programs are leveraged into greater community service opportunities than were imagined before. Feedback has been universally positive.

There are many community service needs and programs that Winona could participate in. Needs are all around us, as I'm sure you are already aware. At Winona Grange, we like certain kinds of projects and programs, especially the kinds with leverage. The garden seeds distribution program meets this criteria because it is multiplicative; i.e., from here, the seeds go to many Granges, and from there, they go to many more, local, end-users than we could ever be aware of.

Another program we like is our Winona Grange Agricultural Scholarship, given each year in memory of Dolores Crossway, who started and promoted the program with passion. Agriculture as a career is just as demanding as it ever was, and more so, in today's technological age. As our population continues to increase, and each new mouth needs to be fed, the need for educated Farmers also increases. The future belongs to the young, and we would be wise to encourage and validate the agricultural leanings of promising young people, as they will be the Agricultural Leaders of our childrens' and grandchildrens' generations. Currently, we accept candidates from the graduating classes of Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood High Schools.

Our Historic Hall is used by a wide cross-section of Tualatin life. Recurring users include a church congregation, a Yoga class, multiple Irish dances and dance lessons and concerts, a group of jigsaw-puzzle traders, and two square dance clubs. One-time events may include weddings and receptions, dances and seminars, and presentations by other local groups. Our calendar is fairly busy, and we are continually asked about renting the Hall for one locally-focused event or another.

How does all this make Winona Grange different? Our focus is on Tualatin. Our gardens raise vegetables for the local Tualatin Schoolhouse Food Pantry. Our Ag Scholarships go to local High School Seniors. We prefer to engage in "leveraged" projects and in community partnerships.

What donations are needed? Money always talks, but so do other kinds of donations, too. We are looking to restore/improve some aspects of our Historic Hall, eventually including upgrading access to both floors, and the restrooms, to ADA-compliant status. This will require more funding than we possess. Donations of money for this will always be appreciated. If a local business or individual is prompted to donate appropriate materials, those are also very much appreciated.

Our Ag Scholarships are a significant annual outlay, and if you believe, like we do, that the future of farming in the Tualatin area is in the future famers of Tualatin and our neighboring towns, then perhaps you would see fit to contribute toward our Scholarship Fund.

Would these donations be tax-deductible? Well, the answer is yes and no, or perhaps a more accurate answer would be YES,  it CAN be tax-deductible. The Grange is a non-profit, but not a charitable, non-profit, organization, so a donation to Winona Grange is not tax-deductible. However, where there is one tax loop-hole, there are others. There exists an entity known as the Oregon State Grange Foundation, and whereas local Granges have a Section 501 c 8 designation, the OSG Foundation has a 501 c 3, charitable non-profit status.

In order for your donation to be tax-deductible,
your payment must be made payable to the Oregon State Grange (OSG) Foundation,
and the Memo line should include reference to
EITHER Winona Grange Building Fund, OR, Winona Grange Scholarship Fund.

The mailing address for the OSG Foundation is:
643 Union St., NE, Salem, OR 97301

We at Winona Grange are priviledged to work with people dedicated to making a difference in the Tualatin area, both through our various programs and in the Community's use of the Hall.We can only do so much without your support; with your support, we can do so much more.

Please consider helping us help Tualatin, with a donation of your choice.

From today's generation, and tomorrow's, Thank You! 

Donations on the Web

For those who are not concerned with whether their donation is tax-deductible, for small donations, or,

if you just want to make a donation without having to mail a check to the OSG Foundation in Salem, or,

If you just want to be a Grange Booster, we offer a convenient way to donate on-line:

Make a Donation to Winona Grange: