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Garden Seed Program

Distributing Vegetable Seeds for Community Service Work


Do you or your local community service group have a garden project?

Assorted Vegetable Seed Packets available from local Granges in OregonDo you raise fresh vegetables for your local Food Pantry? Do you administer a Community Garden? Work with a 4-H group, or Youth Group Garden Program? Would you like to be able to give vegetable seeds to low-income families to grow their own vegetables? In what other ways could you or would you be able to put vegetable seeds to constructive use in community service?

Through a generous donation from a major distributor of garden seeds, Lake Valley Seeds of Boulder, Colorado, we are able to supply you with high-quality vegetable seeds of many varieties. We are very grateful for their generosity in addressing the issue of Hunger at the grass-roots level here in Oregon. Every local Grange in Oregon has, or will have, access to these donated vegetable seeds, and can distribute them in their local area as is needful.

In 2008, Winona Grange initiated a local effort to raise fresh vegetables, enlisting members and others to grow an extra row, or a whole garden, or to co-op with others at a local Century Farm. All the produce went to our local Food Pantry. In subsequent years, we have had Grange Gardens in different locations, have had a booth at the Tualatin Farmers Market, and given still more directly to the local Food Pantry.

As a result, we have seen renewed enthusiasm for community service, an increased community awareness of the Grange, more active participation at our monthly meetings, and some new members, too.

One of the Grange's original mandates was to provide seeds, supplies and equipment to farmers at reasonable prices, at a time in our history when merchants wanted to sell to them at retail, and then buy their produce below wholesale. We in the Granges of Oregon find ourselves returning to our roots in being able to enable others in needful community service programs all across the state.

If you represent an Oregon Grange wanting to participate in seed distribution for community service, please contact us. We are compiling a list of participating Oregon Granges, and will eventually post it on this page. Plant some seeds; grow some local community benefits.

If you represent a local Community Service Organization desiring vegetable seeds for your Garden Project, you have a few options. You may contact your local Grange, and ask if they are, or could be persuaded to be, participating in the Seed Distribution Program. You can also contact us at Winona Grange #271 directly. We will attempt to find a Grange near you in the program. Later on, you may be able to find a participating Grange in your area from the list mentioned above. In the absence of a local participating Grange, you may write us on your organization's letterhead, with a request for Seeds.

 February 2016 Update:

We only have a half-dozen Single Assortments left from last year,

and no newer seeds available this year.

Yes, we will be distributing garden seeds again in 2017, if donation seeds become available.

For the fifth year, we are using Regional Rate Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. 

Our small assortments are the Regional Rate A boxes, a double assortment goes in a RR B box.

Scroll down the page to order On-Line.


Contact us about Seeds

We are making the seeds available in assortments of two sizes, Large and Small, Small being whatever fits into a Regional Rate "A" Box.  Double assortments fit in the Regional Rate "B" boxes; they're twice the volume of an "A" box.  At the bottom of the page, you will find the costs and some other choices to make.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

Assortments will be labeled as"Donated Seeds, Not for Resale" and "Distributed by the Grange." We are also able to furnish "Your Grange" labels for identifying "your" assortment as being distributed by "Your Grange."

Seed packets will be available at no cost, except for the cost of shipping via the US Mail. Priority Mail will be used, as the Post Office supplies the boxes at no additional cost.

Costs, Shipping, Advertising


The cost for an assortment of seeds is to cover our shipping expenses. We don't have to buy boxes, as the Post Office supplies us with boxes for Priority Mail at no cost, delivered to our door. We are using a few packaging supplies: cardboard dividers, packing tape, and of course, the self-adhesive labels, including the shipping labels, and the ink to print them.

Also, we are supplying some self-adhesive labels along with the assortments. There are multiple purposes for them. First, we are identifying the seeds as having been donated, and not for re-sale. This is important, because we are not in competition with the donor's retail dealers for their seed business.  Second, they should be good advertising, for the Grange in general, and for your Grange in particular.

For no additional charge, we include 30 self-adhesive labels (one sheet of the generic labels) with every assortment. For enough labels to so identify nearly all individual packets (90 labels or 3 sheets), we charge a nominal extra fee, to cover the label and printing expenses. These can have your individual Grange name and number on them. This presents you with an additional opportunity to raise your community's awareness of your Grange. Putting the labels on the assortment, or on the individual seed packets, is a job for the volunteers at your Grange.

 Generic Label supplied at no cost


 Generic Label

"Your Grange" Label 

Assortments are shipped in Regional Rate Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. The shipping costs are for shipments within Oregon. We intend to fill all orders from Oregon Granges and Oregon Community Sevice organizations first; if we receive any requests from out-of-state Granges, we will consider them next, as our inventory permits. Out-of-state shipping costs will be higher.

Single Assortment

Double Assortment

 With 30 generic labels: $6.25

With 60 generic labels: $10.75

 With 90 "Your Grange" labels: $8.25

With 180 "Your Grange" labels: $14.75

Average shipping weight 3 lbs., 8 oz.

Average shipping weight 6 lbs, 2 oz.

Contact us about Seeds

Ordering Seed Assortments


We are now accepting very limited orders for Seed Assortments for 2016.

Seed Assortments will be shipped beginning the 1st or 2nd week in February.

If ordering by mail, send your request, accompanied by
your payment for shipping, and labels wanted, if any, to:

Winona Grange #271, PO Box 3484, Tualatin, OR 97062.


If ordering On-Line:

Single Assortments

Double Assortments

Your Grange Name, #

Your Grange Name, #

Just click on the drop-down menu, choose from the labels options, then type in the name and number of your Grange, and click on Add to Cart.

Please make sure you tell us the name & charter # of your Grange!

Thank you for participating with us in this grass-roots effort to grow good things on many levels!