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Why join the Grange? Why, indeed? 

Answer: for the opportunities.

For the opportunity to give back to the community.

For the opportunity to make a difference.

For the opportunity to develop and hone your leadership skills.

For the opportunity to engage your children in meaningful programs in a safe place.

For the opportunities your children will have to grow and mature in leadership roles.

For the opportunity to meet like-minded, community service-oriented people.

The list goes on, and it is slightly different with each and every Grange, as each local Grange addresses the challenges that their local community faces. Whether the local challenge is Hunger, assisting the local School District, encouraging young people to continue in Agriculture, or something else, the Grange is ready to enable people and groups, provide opportunities for meeting the challenges and honing leadership skills along the way.

What is the cost? $50.00 per calendar year; pro-rated by quarters if you join during the year.

Were your Parents or Grandparents farmers? In 1880, 54% of everyone enumerated in the census listed themselves as in the farming industry. Many of us are not farmers, but know that we have farming in our blood, albeit a few generations back. The Grange, originally known as the Patrons of Husbandry, National Grange, is the oldest Agricultural Fraternity in America. It has a distinguished history, related elsewhere on this website, and in other places. Your local Grange, Winona Grange #271, is your town's representative of this proud organization.

We are individually and collectively beginning to realize that bringing vegetables in from the opposite side of the planet, or expecting that a government situated a continent away will meet our every need, are not long-term solutions for anyone, but long-term problems for everyone. Real answers come from much closer to home; from your neighbors and fellow townspeople. Your town needs the Grange, and the Grange needs you. Together, we can and will make a difference. Help us enable our community. Join the Grange.

For more information,  you may Contact us here.

Grange Membership Application

You may also print out a Membership Application, fill it out, and send it in with your check, or bring it with you to a regular monthly meeting. There is an opportunity to consider and vote upon acceptance of Membership Applications at every monthly meeting. For a pdf of the Membership Application, right-click on the following icon:

Download 2014_brochure.pdf

Membership, Renewals and Donations

For those of you who are already Individual Members at Winona Grange, we offer the option of renewing your membership on-line. The current annual dues amount is $50. This online payment convenience comes with a small price, so we have added a $2 transaction fee, to cover our costs.

If you are an incorporated business, or have a registered business name, you can become an Associate Business Member. This is an Oregon State Grange membership, with an affiliation with Winona Grange #271, your local community Grange. We will supply you with an official window decal for your place of business, and mention your membership in our quarterly newsletters, too. Your annual cost is $50, plus a $2 transaction fee. A portion of this goes to the Oregon State Grange, but the portion that stays with Winona Grange is used in our Comunity Service programs. We appreciate the local businesses that partner with us in this way.

For those who don't want to be Grange Members, but want to help us in our Tualatin Community Service programs, we offer a convenient way to make a donation below. More information about donating to Winona Grange can be found on the Donations page. You can be a Grange Booster, too. Whichever way you choose to help, it will be appreciated.

Renew your Individual Winona Grange Membership

Make a Donation to Winona Grange

Winona Grange Associate Business Membership