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Renting the Hall

Renting the Hall

Need to rent Winona Grange for your organization's class, seminar, fund-raiser, or other event?
If the date is available, you can do that. (We no longer rent to private parties; sorry)

There are four basic requirements:

1. The Rental Contract. This is provided to you below, as a pdf file. It is two pages long; you may print it out front-and-back, or as two sheets of paper, but the Contract is both pages taken together. You should print two copies and fill out both copies. When the forms are signed by you and by us, we each get a copy. The Contract form contains most of the requirements and expectations; many details are on the second page.

2. The Rental Fee. There is no fixed fee per hour, per se. Your Rental Fee depends on how long your Event is (2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, or more), the impact on the building (whether it is a sit-down seminar, or a high-energy dance or exercise class), day of the week, time of day or evening, and other circumstances. The Minimum Fee is currently $200, and a wedding with a same-day rehearsal, reception, and dance would cost $250 or more.

3. The Deposit. There is a refundable damage/security/cleaning deposit in the same amount as the Rental Fee. It is customary to pay the Rental Fee and the Deposit with separate checks; we would deposit the Rental Fee and hold the Deposit, returning it after the event is complete and an inspection has been made. You can expect the Deposit to be returned within a week or ten days. It is expected that the Hall would be left in the same condition it was found; i.e., you will need to thoroughly clean up after yourselves. A more complete Checklist is also found below.

4. The Certificate of Insurance. This is a requirement of all Granges, and is a policy handed down from the National Grange. The requirement is for $1,000,000 of Liability Insurance coverage, and is accomplished by a standard form obtained from your insurance agent. If you are a business entity (non-profit or for profit), and have a commercial insurance policy, it is a simple matter to ask your agent for a Certificate.

Hint: Please don't leave this until the last minute; we can't waive this requirement.

More requirements and expectations:

1. Timing is important. We need to receive at least the first three items listed above, at least 30 days in advance of your event. Any one or two of them, without the others, doesn't accomplish anything. We need them as a package. We prefer that the Certificate of Insurance also accompany the Contract and the Payments, but sometimes an Insurance Company will want to wait until the Event Date is within 30 days before they issue the Certificate of Insurance.

2. A Walk-Through. Please schedule a walk-through at least 2 weeks before your Event. We can do it before you fill out the paperwork, if you haven't seen the Hall yet, or afterwards if you want to hand in the Contact and Payments and ask questions on-site. This is also an opportunity to pick up a key, if one will be necessary.

3. The Monitor. In legalese, we reserve the right to inspect the premises at any time, before, during or after the Event. In plain language, we find it is usually helpful, and mutually beneficial, to arrange for a Grange member to stop by, either before the Event (to unlock the building), or during the Event (to answer questions or help with a situation).

4. When in doubt, ask questions.  You can always email us Here

One-Time Event Contract Form

Right-click on this link to view, download, or print the Winona Grange Contract Form.

Download WG1TimeContractForm16.pdf